Friday, 11 June 2010

Ok Ok Ok 3 years hiatus. I know.

I have returned. And I need help.
I'm at work. (yes I do work in between my Art-Terrorist activity)
Lat year's cohort of 240 students have been signed off.
I'm preparing for the next academic year.
I'm distracted:
  • World Cup starts this afternoon.
  • Summer's here.
  • Students have gone.
  • Austrian holiday in two weeks.

My task today is to book an international study trip for 80 students in January 2011
I have shortlisted destinations to New York 5 days (3 nights) or Barcelona 4 days (3 nights)

I have taken students to both destinations before and personally love then equally (the destinations, not the students). Here are the pros and cons:
New York Pros:
  • Fantastic city; easy to navigate; lot's of art galleries; cheap food and shopping; only mature students and resourceful pre-21s can drink alcohol; they speak a form of English.
New York Cons:
  • Expensive for students @ around £600-00 pp; Long flights; Hideous U.S. Customs/Staff; Alcohol expensive (For staff).
Barcelona Pros:
  • Cheap for students @ around £290.00 pp; short flights; fantastic city; Gaudi everywhere; lot's of galleries; Picasso; Miro; Dali; Sagrada Familia; the beach.
Barcelona Cons:
  • All students can drink alcohol; Accommodation is so poor it's hilarious; Muggings (seriously! even though I warned them, students were mugged on 3 separate occasions- not the same students you understand and all without violence fortunately); they speak Catalan, very well; Dali.
So please help me make a decision. 
I thank you in advance.